Medi-Cure Pedicure

Full, medical-grade pedicure: 45-min. session

For this service, Cindy will

∗ fully evaluate and assess condition of your feet
∗ cleanse and soften your feet with therapeutic foot soak
∗ clean and smooth your cuticles
∗ cut and shape your toenails
∗ trim and file any corns and callouses
∗ exfoliate and slough your feet
∗ relax your feet and you with a foot massage

individual session
at private residence

Add-On Services for Any Appointment

Do your fingernails and hands need a little love, too? Add to any pedicure.

For this service, which is an add-on service for any pedicure,
Cindy will

∗ trim, clip, file and shape your fingernails
∗ massage your hands for relaxation and relief

+ $10
fingernail trim and care

+ $15
fingernail trim and care and hand massage

Have a Special Need or Request?

Do not hesitate to contact Cindy for special requests, such as group sessions or special events. Click here to contact Cindy.